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"[103] Again, he notes on going to England: "April 5, 1757. I leave Home andundertake this long Voyage more chearful, as I can rely on your Prudencein the Management of my Affairs, and education of my dear Child; and yetI cannot forbear once more recommending her to you with a Father'stenderest concern. My Love to all. "[104] Whether North or South the praise of woman's industry in those days ismuch the same. John Lawson who made a survey journey through NorthCarolina in 1760, wrote in his _His...tory of North Carolina_ that thewomen were the more industrious sex in this section, and made a greatdeal of cloth of their own cotton, wool, and flax. In spite of the factthat their families were exceedingly large, he noted that all went "verydecently appareled both with linens and woolens, " and that because ofthe labor of the wives there was no occasion to run into the merchant'sdebt or lay out money on stores of clothing. And hundreds of miles northold Judge Sewall had expressed in his _Diary_ his utmost confidence inhis wife's financial ability when he wrote: "1703-4 ...

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Woman's Life in Colonial Days
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