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Mr. E. E. Reinke investigated the development and morphological rela- tionship of the two forms of spermatozoa found in certain prosobranch moUusks in Jamaica.
Dr. T. Wayland Vaughan met with encouraging success in his studies of the growth of reef corals, obtaining excellent photographs showing the an- nual growth of the many colonies he is now rearing under natural conditions.
He also obtained bottom specimens from the quicksands between Rebecca Digitized by Google DEPARTMENT OF MARINE BIOLOG
...Y. 12$ Light and the Marquesas. His studies of coral reefs and of the life history and struggle for existence among corals is the most intensive and most carefully controlled yet undertaken, and it will soon become necessary for him to extend his field of observation to include the Great Barrier Reef re- gion of Australia in order that his results may become of world-wide signifi- cance. In April and May 1912 we expect that he may visit the Barrier Reef of Andros Island, Bahamas, the greatest coral reef of the Atlantic.

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