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You willhave your choice submitted to you. According as you decide we shall meetagain. " With these words the stranger moved slowly away, and disappearedbeneath the shadow of the cliffs. A boat glided rapidly across thewaters: it touched land; a man leaped on shore, and Glyndon recognisedZanoni.
"I give thee, Glyndon, --I give thee no more the option of happy love andserene enjoyment. That hour is past, and fate has linked the hand thatmight have been thine own to mine. But I have ample gifts t
...o bestowupon thee, if thou wilt abandon the hope that gnaws thy heart, and therealisation of which even _I_ have not the power to foresee. Be thineambition human, and I can gratify it to the full. Men desire four thingsin life, --love, wealth, fame, power. The first I cannot give thee, therest are at my disposal. Select which of them thou wilt, and let us partin peace. " "Such are not the gifts I covet. I choose knowledge; that knowledge mustbe thine own. For this, and for this alone, I surrendered the love ofViola; this, and this alone, must be my recompense.

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