image for read and download free books articleIn our time, you could find many sites that provide free access to audiobooks online, for example, the services of LibriVox and MindWebs. Especially for you, we picked up 15 sites in which you can find many free online books, for those instances where audiobooks are not an option.

Find classical works that have passed the test of time.
Discover fresh genres that go beyond the usual classics.
Read current scientific literature.
Hundreds. Thousands. Millions of books. Is free. It's tempting, isn’t it?



We have compiled for you the top 15 best sites with free online books, each of which will be discussed in more detail below:

•International Children's Digital Library
•Internet Sacred Text Archive (Internet archive of Sacred Texts)
•Open Culture
•Open Library
•Project Gutenberg (Gutenberg Task)
•Read Print
•World Public Library

1. FanFiction
Here you can find a large number of different books, located by popularity. The more occasions users downloaded the book, the more ratings it has. After the title of the book, you can see the number of downloads.

2. GoodReads
Despite the fact that most of the books on the websites listed above are classical and guarded by copyright, you could find modern literature in the online library Goodreads.

3. International Children's Digital Library (International Children's Digital Library)
If you want to find free children's literature on the Internet, ICDL is your choice. This non-profit organization sets one objective: "To teach the young generation of tolerance and respect for different cultures, giving them free access to the best children's works from around the planet."

You can freely read any books either without registration or under your account (in your account you can make a list of the literature you would like to read). There are collected literature from around the globe (there is the possibility of searching for a particular country). A couple of recommendations from us:

"Yukimado" ("The Snow Windows" - "Snowy Window"), the author - Naoko Ava;
"The Legend of Maori" - "Legends of Maori" - National Library of New Zealand;
"All We Need Are Dragons" - "All we need will be dragons" - the Serbian poet Lyubovy Rshumovich.

4. Internet Sacred Text Archive (Internet archive of Sacred Texts)
Portal completely devoted to religion, mythology, and folklore. Online collection ISTA provides you with free access to hundreds of scriptures. This literature promotes religious diversity, tolerance, and erudition.
Here you can find various interpretations of such Sacred texts mainly because of the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the Veda, and many others.

5. ManyBooks
As you can understand from the translation of the name (Many Books - many books), on this Internet resource you can find a lot (more than 33 thousand) of free online books in free access. Electronic books can be read on Kindles, Nooks, iPad, and additional portable devices.
Here you will find thousands of books, both classical and modern, such as:

"The Unveiling" - "Publication", author - Tamara Lee;
"The Art of War" - "The Art of War", author - Sun Tzu;
"The Secret Adversary" - "The Secret Opponent" -author - Agatha Christie.

6. OpenCulture (Open tradition)
OpenCulture cooperates with readers around the world, with their help they have created a considerable archive of free on-line books (more than 800 publications). You can download them to yourself on digital media, or you can read online on the site.
Interesting specimens:

"The Stranger" - "Stranger", author - Albert Camus;
Poems of Charles Bukowski;
Short stories from Juneau Diaz.

7. OpenLibrary (Open Library)
The open library provides readers with access to more than 2 million free e-books. The peculiarity of the portal is the possibility to make amendments (!) To publications.
Of the interesting books can be identified: "Sherlock Holmes" of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and "Matilda" Roald Dahl.

8. OverDrive
OverDrive has the ability to contact your local libraries to check the e-books on your personal products. All you need is a library card. After receiving it you can completely free of charge to get acquainted with classical and modern electronic publications in any place and at any time. Here you will find more than 2 million e-books, and also audiobooks.
Interesting books in their catalog:

"Artemis", author - Andy Weir;
"Small lights everywhere," by Celeste Ng;
"Beyond Magenta" edited by Susan Kuklin.

9. The Gutenberg Project

Project Gutenberg is still an immense resource on which you can find classical novels and old manuscripts that are public domain. The organization lives at the expense of active volunteer work - they digitize, and then correct old books. For all the time of existence of the resource, they were able to add more than 50 thousand publications of different time periods.
Pay attention to such books:

“A Story About the Life of Frederick Douglas, American Slave, by Frederick Douglas;
"Anne of the Green Lantern," by LM Montgomery;
"Dracula", the author - Bram Stoker.

10. Read Print
Read Print is a convenient portal that provides readers with free access to classical literature. There is a "bookshelf" widget in which you can add the books that interest you, which you want to read later.

From the interesting it can be noted:

"Jane Eyre," the author is Charlotte Bronte;
"Pride and Prejudice," by Jane Austen;
"A Tale of Two Cities," by Charles Dickens.

11. Riveted (Recovered)
Riveted provides free, free access to online books for all age groups. By joining this resource from Simon & Schuster publishers and becoming a full member, you can find a lot of interesting literature for yourself, for example:

"The line in the dark," by Malinda Lo;
"Dark shade of magic", author - B.E. Schwab;
"Let the sky fall," the author is Shannon Messenger.

12. Tor
If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy, then be sure to check the Tor website. The weekly publishes original stories from science fiction writers (for example, NK Dzhemisin and Linda Nagata). And, to be honest, every fantastic story is unique in its own way. Waiting for a new publication in your mailbox captures, and its reading brings indescribable joy.
They also release the "EBook of the Month" edition, where every month you can get free access to your choice.

13. Wikisource
Do you have original material on hand? Share it on the Wikisource website - this is the best place for a "deep immersion". The site hosts more than 400 thousand texts in English with the ability to edit and make adjustments.

Here you can find texts for the period 1846-1941 from authors such as Rudyard Kipling and Marie de France. Open new worlds with the texts of Jules Verne and Philippe Dick. Perhaps you will be interested in the correspondence between the Founding Fathers of America in the period after the Hamiltonian fever.

14. The World Public Library (World Public Library)
WPL - "The Millennium Collection", unfortunately, is not free - the annual cost of access is less than 10 US dollars. For this amount, you will get access to millions of books written in more than 300 languages. They also offer free membership for people with disabilities or special needs. The widest range:

Classic literature;
Academic collections;
Children's books;
Graphic novels;

Interesting books: George Orwell's "1984", Hemann Hesse's "Siddhartha" and "Mahabharata", translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguly.

15. More free resources!
The repository of stories from indie authors (independent authors), historical fiction, fanfiction, and so on. There's also a huge active community to talk about books. Here is your guide for beginners. is a portal that publishes short stories and new storylines of your favorite fictional worlds. More Harry Potter?
BookRix is a community of independent authors of various genres and directions, publishing their publications for free. There is a place for science fiction, romance, science fiction stories, children's literature, and much more.
The Library of Congress also has a small collection of classic children's books.
From inexpensive options (less than $ 10 per month), you can note Kindle Unlimited, some books on Google Play, Unlimited Library, and Scribd.