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Reverend Nehemiah Adams (February 19, 1806 – October 6, 1878) was an American clergyman and writer. He was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1806 to Nehemiah Adams and Mehitabel Torrey Adams. He graduated from Harvard University in 1826, and from Andover Theological Seminary in 1829. He was ordained as co-pastor of First Congregational Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that same year. In 1832, he married Martha Hooper. In 1834, he became pastor of Union Congregational Church in Boston, Massachusetts. He would remain in that position through 1878. In 1850, he married again, to Sarah Brackett. In 1854, he took a trip to the American South, and wrote a book entitled A South-Side View of Slavery. This book was attacked by abolitionists for its perceived moderation. In 1861, Adams wrote a successor volume, The Sable Cloud, to answer his attackers. He was a member of the American Tract Society and the American Board for Foreign Missions. He died in 1878, aged 72. He left nine children.

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