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Far better and more healthful is that state of mind whichperforms present duty, and leaves the rest to the unfolding hand oftime; which disdains that prying, inquisitive disposition which is alleye and ear, which lives on excitement, which has no self-respect, norregard for any thing but to know something yet unknown. If God sufferedthe dead to speak to us, we should always be on the watch for some sign;we should be unfitted for the common, practical duties of life; weshould be superstitious, v...isionary, fanatical, timorous. As it is, howeager we are to pry into the future, or into things purposely hiddenfrom us! If it were certainly known that one had communication with thedead, or if we had good reason to expect such communications, laborwould be neglected, faith, prayer, hope, confidence in God woulddecrease, the Bible would be undervalued through a superior regard to adifferent mode of revelation, and we should live, as it were, among thetombs. A morbid state of feeling would pervade our minds, and the worldwould be full of enchantments, necromancy, and cunning craftiness.

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