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In the past, returning from distant outstations for Office parleys or home leave, I have occasionally felt daunted by our over-conspicuous, many-towered Camelot with its whispering lifts, hospital-bright corridors and tourists gawping from the bridge.
Not today.
In half an hour’s time Florence will be presenting London General’s first full-blown special operation in three years and it will bear the Haven’s imprimatur. She sports a smart trouser suit and just a hint of make-up. If she has stage f
...right she betrays no sign of it. For the last three weeks we have been night owls together, sitting head to head into the small hours at the rickety trestle table in the Haven’s windowless Operations room, poring over street maps, surveillance reports, phone and email intercepts, and the latest word from Orson’s disenchanted mistress, Astra.
It was Astra who first reported that Orson was about to use his Park Lane duplex to impress a duo of Cyprus-based, Moscow-friendly money-launderers of Slovakian descent with a private bank in Nicosia and an affiliate in the City of London.

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Agent Running in the Field
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