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She studied English and French literature at Princeton and has an MBA from Stanford. Katharine’s dream job has always been to work as a Disney princess, but when she learned she wasn’t tall enough, she wound up writing instead. She’s been speculating about American royalty since her undergraduate days, when she wrote a thesis on ‘castle envy’ – the idea that the American psyche is missing out on something, because Americans don’t have a royal family of their own. After several years in New York ...and then in California, Katharine now lives with her husband in her hometown of Houston, Texas.
FOR ALEX PROLOGUEYou already know the story of the American Revolution, and the birth of the American monarchy.You might know it from the picture books you read as a child. From your elementary school performances—when you longed to play the role of King George I or Queen Martha, and instead were cast as a cherry tree. You know it from songs and movies and history textbooks, from that summer you visited the capital and went on the official Washington Palace tour.You’ve heard the story so many times that you could tell it yourself: how, after the Battle of Yorktown, Colonel Lewis Nicola fell to his knees before General George Washington, and begged him on behalf of the entire nation to become America’s first king.Of course, the general said yes.Historians love to debate whether, in another world, things might have gone differently.

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