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1. 2 Purg. Xvii. 13.
3 Purg. Xxv. 74. 4 Purg. Xvii. 29.
THE PURGATORIO. 55 are constantly succeeding one another, will arrive at no goal, because the energy of the one nullifies that of the other. And as for the individual so also for the race, the highest goal is to reach Unity; for we must strive after likeness to G-od, who is wholly One and individual.
Nevertheless this concentration need not be absolutely internal, but, as we have seen, may affect an external object; when, for instance, mus
...ic is heard, the soul is intera, because then the life- spirits are almost all brought into action, e la virtu di' tutti quasi corre allo spirito sensibile che riceve il suono ; similarly a wish may get so ardent that one becomes well-nigh incapable of speaking of any- thing else.
The jmmortalitj_j3f-4b soul is to Dante a self-evident dogma, which needs neither explanation nor justification. In the Inferno we read : " On this side are the graves of Epicurus and all his followers, who say that the soul dies with the body.

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