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Wilde Oscar
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talk of f^ufFpring, as a mystery, /It is really- a revelation.; One discerns things one never dis- cerned before. One approaches the whole of history from a different stand- point. What one had felt dimly, through instinct, about art, is intel- lectually and emotionally realised with perfect clearness of vision and absolute intensity of apprehension.
2)e profun&is 37 / I now see Jiia± sorrow, being the supreme emotion -of which man is cap- able, is at once the type and test of all great art. Wh the artist is al- ways looking for is the mo3e of exist - ence in which soul and body are one and indivisible : in which the_outward is expressive of the inward.:, in. which form reveals. Of such modes of ex- istence there are not a few : youth and the arts preoccupied with youth may serve as a model for us at one moment : at another we may like to think that, in its subtlety and sensitiveness of impression, its suggestion of a spirit dwelling in external things and making its raiment of earth and air, of mist and city alike, and in its morbid sym- pathy of its moods, and tones, and colours, modem landscape art is realis- ing for us pictorially what was realised 38 De protun&is in such plastic perfection by the Greeks.

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De Profundis
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