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list, punched it up, and Muddy picked up on the first ring. “Dad’s over in La Crosse with Dog Butt, and I was sort of out walking around, and guess what? D. Wayne Sharf is back.”
    “Where?” Virgil asked.
    “I don’t know exactly what’s going on, because I was inside practicing when he got back, but now he and somebody else, a woman, are sneaking in and out of his house. I think they’re taking stuff out.”
    The house had been sealed by the DEA, but “sealed by the DEA” meant that there was so tape on the doors. Everything Sharf owned, aside from a few pounds of methamphetamine, was still inside.
    Virgil said, “Okay—Muddy, you stay there at your house. Don’t go fooling around with this guy. We’ve been looking for him, federal agents are looking for him. He could be seriously dangerous.”
    “I’ll tell you, he doesn’t seem to have a car with him.

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