Shock Wave (2011)

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Shock Wave
John Sandford
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The twisted vehicle was still in the middle of the street, and Barlow was working on it with one of the ATF technicians. Virgil ducked under the crime-scene tape and asked Barlow, “Anything?”
“The usual. Did find pieces of the pipe, that galvanized plumbing stuff, but finding a fingerprint . . .” He shook his head.
“A pipe dream,” Virgil said.
Virgil filled him in on his morning, and Barlow said that Sullivan’s symptoms weren’t unusual. “People see other people shot to death, and it affe
...cts them, but not the way a nearby bomb does. The Israelis have all kinds of studies on it—there’s actually a physical impact, from the shock wave, and then the psychological aftereffects. Any of it can kill you. Bombing victims have an elevated rate of suicide . . . they can’t deal with it, a bomb.”
Willard Pye and his assistant were still on the scene, and Pye came over and asked Virgil for a minute of his time. They stepped away from Barlow, who went back to work, digging out the inside of the limousine, scrap by scrap.

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Shock Wave
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Guest 4 years ago

I love this series with Virgil Flowers. Always entertaining and keeps you guessing and turning pages.

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