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He felt dazed, uncertain, as if he were the one who had just lost his virginity instead of Evangeline. He had long thought that there was nothing new for him to experience. He had been wrong. For a man whose lovemaking was a practiced blend of technique and choreography, it had been a shock to find himself at the spontaneous mercy of his own passions. He had meant to withdraw at the last moment, but he had been so mindless with desire that he’d been unable to control his body. Damn. That had happened before.
Fumbling with the clean linen towel at the washstand, he made a project of dampening it with fresh water. By now his breathing had returned to normal, but he wasn’t at all calm. After what had just happened, he should have been satiated for hours. But it hadn’t been enough. He had experienced the longest, hardest, most wrenching climax of his life…and yet the need to have her again, open her, bury himself inside her, had not faded. It was madness. But why? Why with her?

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Devil in Winter
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

I read this book more than once. Evie and Sebastian are wonderful characters. Beautiful and well written love story. I highly recommend this book.

Guest 4 years ago

The most awaited book over the years as i have desperately longed to read this famous novel by one of my most beloved authors Lisa Kleypas.I have read hundreds of 5-star reviews and heard great phrases of "Devil in Winter" as it is said to be her best work ever.!..what have you done to me Lisa Kleypas?..what have you done?

"Devil in Winter" engrossed me in a way that left me alive with mindless emotions i barely could fathom while i read this book.The sense of power Lisa flustered this story in..was the way she showed a dreamlike and epic romantic love-story.I can`t describe enough with words how deeply i have come to fall in love with this series..and this book.."Devil in Winter" are a book that until now have captured my heart the most.

The red-haired and very shy Wallflower-Evangeline Jenner "Evie" and the.."drumroll".........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................extreme immoral and a hell of a sexy badboy with the worst reputation ever (which he are proud of) Sebastian Lord St. Vincent..are a explosive pair of characters who fitted each other p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y..just WOW..!

Evie had my absolutely attention in the first book "Secrets of a Summer Night" as i knew that she would be Sebastians heroine.The scene where she talks to a squirrel without stammering had all wallflowers staring at her with mouths open,and i was really fascinated by her glowingly shy nature that hided a very (as i knew) a passionate woman.To go to the devil himself in the middle of night to propose was very and...VERY brave of her.How i just admired her courage,how she wasn`t afraid of the inhumanly beautiful man with the look of a fallen angel..while he had the soul of a sinful devil.As Evie fell in love with imperfect hero..i fell in love with him too..OH Sebastian!

Sebastian...Sebastian....Sebastian-the goldenhaired exotic Devil of a beauty with his heartless nature and sinfully manipulative and hypnotic charm with nothing of care on this world found his world tumbled upside down the second he watches Evies face and hair glow like rubies the one fateful dark evening against the glow of the fire when she proposes a deal to him.He hadn`t seen her before..but when he sees her,he really sees her and how we just LOVE to watch whole his heart and soul only exist of his beloved Evie.OMG how much he fall in love with her..God the beauty of his love for her made me cry so much..IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
The deep of his character undid me and his charisma sparkled so much that i never even will forget him when he first appeared in the series,in the second book "It happened one Autumn".OH MY GOD how he shines!!!!!!!!!Just!
I love their bantering,the bickering,the angst,the OH SO HOT steamy sex-scenes.I have to warn you,Sebastian Lord St. Vincent are a incredible sexy hero,and both he and Evie steamed it all through fire with fire in the bed and out of it.I love the journey to Gretna Green where they grow so much closer and how they eventually fall in love without them knowing it.How Sebastian couldn`t stomach watching Evie smile or talk to another man..he was such a jealous and possessive hero!(dream sigh) how i love him!The scene where Evie demands celibacy from him for three months and only then would she have sex with him..haha how i LOVED Sebastians frustration.Haha how i just laughed every time they played games and bickered.The best romance ever Lisa..the best romance ever.

How i was happy to meet Cam Rohan in this book!The ambitious Gypsy of a very passionate romantic lover that has his own very book much later in "Mine til Midnight",the first book in "the Hathaway" series.I was surprised of his and Daisys passionate encounter,their kiss was unexpected,but i know that they aren`t soulmates.I really like the wild-natured 25-year young man in this one,it tempted me to re-read his story in "Mine til Midnight" where he falls in love with his Amelia many years later.Meeting all the other characters was a pleasure,and the ending when in the epiluge Annabelle asks Evie if Sebastian has reformed...the answer Evie gave her was so WONDERFUL that it brought a big smile to my face.

"Devil in Winter" are another unforgettable and eloquent romance that highly performs of the epic love story of two different but the same damaged souls who find a so strong love in each other,that it could destroy them!I LOVE Evie and Sebastian so so so so so so much!I will never forget this couple,they are one of my greatest favourites ever.Lisa Kleypas,you have yet again changed my life with another compelling unforgettable book.."Devil in Winter" proves what the .."Power of Love can do"..

Guest 4 years ago

I read it like....4-5 times and im up again to read it.......just love the book!!

Guest 5 years ago

Love Evie the most. If you love wallflowers series,i suggest Nora Roberts's trilogy.superb.

Guest 5 years ago

This is definitely the best book in The Wallflowers series. Evie and Sebastian make a great couple.
Highly recomended

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