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- Come on.
It was all the same to both of them. One could see Vasyatka running away shamefully in an unknown direction. They were walking reeling approaching the last refuge of beautiful dead muse. Then Dux gave a slap on Sasha's face and cried.
* It wasn�t clear, who was the customer of the second attack. But Sasha mentioned that it was someone from the Centre. This completely changed the whole picture. It turned out that Vasily Ivanovich played a trick on him on the off-chance. However, one g
...ives a slap on one�s face for it. Perhaps the chief was forbidden to deal with it but why didn�t he prevent me? There were two versions left. Either Vasily Ivanovich is played up by someone. This could be only federasty. Or Vasily play for his stakes.
He found a lot of small multicolored stones, pancakes and began throwing twisting disks along the quiet morning wavelength.
* Before the trip to Moscow, he met the Shadow. A headquarters not far from the flag station Dobryatino looked like a century-old hut, in the Murom dense forests.

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