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“I see.” Lucian’s lips quirked. “It’d be a weird request, though.”
Inspiration struck Justin. “Would it? You’ve got religious-freedom lobbyists sending you gifts. Inquiring about the servitor’s office would be very reasonable.”
“You think of everything, don’t you?” Lucian didn’t make it sound like a compliment. “Did you think of a clever reason for why I should do it for you?”
“Because we’re friends. And maybe you’ll need a good servitor on your side if those lobbyists turn on you. Or, hell, ju do it for old times’ sake.”
“You mean my girlfriend?”
“Ex,” Justin reminded him.
“Fine. For old times’ sake.” Lucian turned to Mae, who had been watching the exchange with a mix of astonishment and fascination. “But now I have a favor to ask. I have a fund-raising party in a couple of weeks. I don’t suppose you’d want to go with me? If you can tear yourself away from Justin, that is.”
It apparently was a day of firsts with Mae. It had started with that radiant smile and had now moved on to her becoming flustered.

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Gameboard of the Gods
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