Age of X by Richelle Mead series

'Age of X' is an adult series written by popular fiction writer Richelle Mead. It is completely different from her other works such as bestselling Vampire Academy and Bloodlines. Despite this, it quickly hit stores all over the world.
The series consists of three novels: Gameboard of the Gods, The Immortal Crown and The Eye of Andromeda.
The future world. People have access to education, mass transportation and the data stream but all citizens have to wear special chip which contains their identity instead. Moreover, their religion is being controlled and mostly prohibited.
The storyline explores the life of religious investigator Justin March and Mae Koskinen, the beautiful super-soldier who have to protect him. Together they are investigating reports of mystical incidents and the gods' return. They didn't even expect what a shocking discovery they will make: not only are the gods vying for controlling of human life but there are elected humans marked by the divine who are fighting against each other. As the story goes, we learn more about powerful deities who are trying to make people, including Mae and Justin, their puppets.
If you expect a young adult novel full of love dramas and teenage problems, you may not enjoy it. This epic novel really gets inside the heads of the characters and explores how they grow and change, accepting their circumstances and adapting to what is coming. So it will be perfect for those who like complicated and mature books.
What is more, Mead has a Master's degree in comparative religions that results in detailed description of gods of different cultures. You will expand your outlook and broaden cultural horizons.
All three novels are really well-written and each of them is a more than worthy successor to the previous story and builds up well to the next one. This sci-fi book definitely stands out from the rest and provides a fascinating pastime!
Cover Gameboard of the Gods
book 1
8.2 / 10
Cover The Immortal Crown
book 2
8.79 / 10