Hannibal by Ben Kane series

In the III century BC, the Italian sky was covered by black clouds of a new war with Carthage. Finally, a real leader and a great General named Hannibal Barca came for recalcitrant Lyapunov. It has never been kindled in the hearts of soldiers so strong hatred and never gathered such a powerful army under the Carthaginian banner. Rome must be destroyed!

In the year 213 BC, warring against Rome in enemy territory, the great General Hannibal decided to invade Sicily and to kill two lions with one blow: to deprive the home of the Republic, and of course to grow his army, getting a great springboard for a future attack on Rome. The Syracuse - old Greek city that released from obedience to Rome not so long ago was an ally of Hannibal. To finally bring in of its rulers, the Carthaginian General sent one of their best commanders a young Hanno to Syracuse. But the city is already ready to besiege the Roman troops, in whose ranks are the same age and an old friend of Hanno, the Roman Quintus. Old friends not would be glad to meet on the battlefield. But now they are closer to this more than ever ...

III century BC. In the midst of the war between Rome and Carthage. The brilliant Hannibal's troops advanced deep to the South of the Italian Peninsula winning several major battles. All this time the Romans gave the enemy new territories, clenching the teeth and avoiding a General engagement hoarded power. Gradually, the Carthaginians were surrounded by fresh legions and forced them to stay on the field near the town of Cannes. A young warrior Quintus is in the ranks of the Romans, which violated the will of his father, left home, and went to fight as a simple infantryman. One of Hannibal’s peers – Gannon is ordering under his leadership. In the recent past, they had a strong friendship. What is going to happen with them after...?
Cover Hannibal Enemy of Rome
book 1
8.69 / 10
Cover Hannibal: the Patrol
book 1.5
8.7 / 10
Cover Hannibal: Fields of Blood
book 2
7.4 / 10
Cover Hannibal: Clouds of War
book 3
8.27 / 10