Sigma Force by James Rollins series

Sigma Force is a series of James Rollins novels, which tell about the "Sigma" a secret organization designed to perform the most complex and important tasks. A squad of well-trained people over and over again gets into the thick of things, has an incredible adventure full of intrigues, car chases, fights and shootings, and finally brilliantly performs a mission. Readers rave about the Sigma Force series. They note Rollins's works have no unjustified violence. Also they accent that the author's imagination is so amazing, and the personal style is so good that many people think they do not read book but watching a movie with visual effects at the cinema.
Indeed, his novels are an artistical mixture of classic adventure novels filled with scoundrels, chases, surprising plot twists and sometimes even light eroticism, crime novels with its gangsters and crime syndicates, and fiction, as a special trick to the already good book. But the fiction elements, Rollins used, are not displayed on the front, this is a really nice ruse of the author. He presents fiction as a kind of foundation for all events taking place. For him it is something he easily explains a little bit later in his books, and readers take this almost as a scientific fact. He is second to none in this.
James Rollins can be called one of the most remarkable writers of modern adventure literature. And among his undeniable advantages we should mention, of course, his ability to create a fairly real and pleasant characters (or extremely unpleasant, if we are talking about villains).
If this novels were written by a different less talented writer, then nothing good would ever came of them. These writers create such books, reading that you are absolutely indifferent to the main characters. First, because you know exactly that they will survive. Secondly, you just do not believe in their reality, they are not interesting to you as personalities. Rollins's novels are different. Each book keeps you in suspense, each chapter is a little adventure.
The novels are very exciting and consistent. They will worry you, they will impress you with their quite-scientific ideas. Itishardto imagine something better.
Cover Sandstorm
book 1
8.4 / 10
Cover Map of Bones
book 2
8 / 10
Cover Black Order
book 3
8.3 / 10
Cover The Judas Strain
book 4
9.13 / 10
Cover The Last Oracle
book 5
8.2 / 10
Cover The Skeleton Key
book 6.5
7.3 / 10
Cover The Devil Colony
book 7
7.4 / 10
Cover Tracker
book 7.5
8.75 / 10
Cover Bloodline
book 8
8.11 / 10
Cover The Eye of God
book 9
8.09 / 10
Cover The 6th Extinction
book 10
8.48 / 10
Cover The Midnight Watch
book 10.5
7.9 / 10
Cover The Bone Labyrinth
book 11
9.14 / 10