The Tales of Dunk And Egg by George R.R. Martin series

Martin wrote a story about the wandering squire of a knight, who was on the way to the tournament and after the death of the owner decided to go there instead.
The first story, which Martin was placed over the 90 years before the main action of the Saga was almost nothing compearing to SoI&F, but the story was very good and the author decided to write a series of books to cover the entire life of two main characters, that are, about 50 eventful years of history of Westeros. Moreover, is almost independent of the work cycle started to turn into a full-fledged prequel to SoI&F. The second novel describes the events of the recent for the time the history of confrontation between the two branches of the ruling dynasty, the third in this line is further developed, plus there is another thread linking the cycle of novels with the main Saga.
In surveying the knight there is no global conflict, hundreds of actors, which at first is very difficult to remember, but has everything else — great written characters, not just main, but secondary, who can utter only a few phrases, unpredictable plot, the details, all of which have value. And of course riddles, clues just have to wait a maximum of just a few dozen pages, not multiple volumes or several years. The only one mistake is the main character. He is not only "the brave knight", he is a good human, for the knight he is certainly brave, but that it is not main thing in his personality.
And what is interesting is the fact that an excess of reproach, but rather a troubled conscience and makes dunk as the most true out of all the many knights from Vasteras. Well, except the addition to his direct descendant.
The serious problem of the cycle is that the main Saga is known more like about the fate of two main characters. Of course, Martin hides many details, but still it’s absolutely impossible to hide the main sense.
And the last thing. The cycle about Dunk and egg is quite modest comparing the main Saga, but only because it’s main characters modesty, the third story already becomes more adult on and knowing Martin, it'll be even worse, so I can’t recommend as a child reading.
Cover The Hedge Knight
book 1
9.33 / 10
Cover The Sworn Sword
book 2
8 / 10