Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost series

Night Huntress is a book series, which belongs to urban fantasy romance. The first book created by Jeaniene Frost was released in 2007. The reader is transferred into a world filled with various supernatural creatures. There is more to our world than meets the eye isn’t there? Unfortunately, a general down-to-earth public is not capable of seeing anything extraordinary. The plot is originally concentrated on Catherine Crawfield, the half-vampire, and the full-blood vampire Bones, with whom she is in love. The main character has quite somber and ambiguous background – her mother has been raped by a vampire and then some months later has given birth to her. Cat certainly knows what it is like to be a black sheep. Her life is entirely different from other people. She spends nights pursuing and killing vampires, which her mother totally approves of. In a desperate bid to slay her father, she ends up being captured by Bones - a vampiric hunter. Despite Cat’s initial reluctance, they unite to achieve the goal – to dog and capture her father. In the long run, they fall in love with each other. However, later they have to split up, giving in to the circumstances. The thing is that Cat is made to become a member of a secret organization, which is dedicated to hunting supernatural creatures. Later, Cat is surprised to know that the agency is run by her own uncle. After making up with her, Bones joins the agency to keep an eye on his paramour. Their relationship needs to pass a test when Patra, the wife of Bones’s grandsireMencheres tries to kill them, using black magic. In return, Cat wants her dead and bands together with her friends to put her cunning plan into practice. But the plot is a lot more intricate than it may seem at the first glance. Cat reveals the dark truth about Mencheres - she had obliterated the memories of a vampire she loved in the past. You are likely to be puzzled, completely lost in conjectures… But the purpose was simple - she wished to fall in love with Bones, fulfilling her dream to be an almighty vampire. Cat makes up her mind at last and turns into a vampire, which allows her to be with Bones forever, basking in her eternal love. Besides, it will help to placate the supernatural creatures, which are afraid that she is planning to turn into a vampire with incredible strength. What will come out of this incompatible couple? The worst apprehensions come true – now Cat is a vampire, which can exceptionally drink the blood of ghouls. She absorbs their power and gains strength but what is left to the others?
Cover Reckoning
book 0.5
6.9 / 10
Cover Halfway to the Grave
book 1
8.89 / 10
Cover Happily Never After
book 1.5
7.5 / 10
Cover At Grave's End
book 3
8.93 / 10
Cover Devil to Pay
book 3.5
7.2 / 10
Cover Destined for An Early Grave
book 4
7.87 / 10
Cover This Side of the Grave
book 5
7.49 / 10
Cover One Grave At a Time
book 6
7.5 / 10
Cover Home for the Holidays
book 6.5
8.84 / 10
Cover Up From the Grave
book 7
7.7 / 10