Mario Puzo's Mafia by Mario Puzo series

Mario Puzo is an Italian-American author famous for his novels like The Godfather and The Sicilian. He is best known for writing about Mafia and Italian Americans. He has depicted a marvelous picture of the Italian mafia structure. He is famous not only for his books, but Mario Puzo also has won 2 Oscars for his work in the movie, The Godfather.
"The godfather" is a classic novel about the life of a mafia clan of don Corleone - one of the most powerful crime syndicates of America. The novel allows the reader to look into the inner sanctum of the mafia, without risk to life, because it was written with particular reliability.
Puzo‘s novel "the Sicilian" is considered to be a continuation of "the Godfather" - because it tells about the fate of the youngest son of don Corleone, Michael. The action takes place in the last years of the reign of Mussolini on the island of Sicily where Salvatore Giliano fighting for the independence of the Sicilian people. Michael must help him to travel to America, but everything is going not according to plan... This book is about love and hate, friendship and enmity, the law of omerta and endless vendetta.
Mario Puzo admitted that he had always been enchanted by the Renaissance. He believed that Borgia was the first criminal family, and all the stories told by him about the mafia pale in comparison to their acts. He sincerely believed that the popes were the first Dons, and Pope Alexander Borgia was considered him as the greatest Don of all. Puzo wrote the book in the best tradition of the beloved of the genre - about the incredible ups and downs, the mysteries of the Church politics and intrigues, crimes, and retribution for sins, love, and betrayal. About the Borgia family.
The author continues the story of the same Family - but thirty years later. Old don decided to give the grandchildren the good fortune of the rich law-abiding citizens. But the events of thirty years ago can lead to disaster, echoing the bloody echo. And the only don can prevent it. The question is: what is the price for it?
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