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Hannibal: Fields of Blood

Cover Hannibal: Fields of Blood
The book Hannibal: Fields of Blood was written by author Here you can read free online of Hannibal: Fields of Blood book, rate and share your impressions in comments. If you don't know what to write, just answer the question: Why is Hannibal: Fields of Blood a good or bad book?
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The forested peaks on either side formed a tunnel for the wind that scudded constantly across the Campanian plain from the sea. At the height of summer, it would have provided welcome relief from the heat, but the season had changed early. Once it got dark, temperatures dropped fast and the breeze just added to the chill. Cloaked and wearing two tunics, Quintus was grateful that he had a fire to crouch over. The blaze at which he and his comrades were warming themselves was just one of many across the valley’s entrance. A few hundred paces to his right, the line of light – and the valley itself – was split by the dark band of the River Volturnus, which ran down to Capua and the west coast. To be illuminated and in such an exposed position felt most uncomfortable, but that was Fabius’ precise intention. Although Quintus felt a little like a piece of iron upon the anvil just before the smith is about to strike, the dictator’s decision made perfect sense.With the harvest taken in, and Campania stripped bare, Hannibal needed to march his army to the east once more.

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Hannibal: Fields of Blood
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Guest 2 years ago

It has been very entertaining, the autor had spent time investigating the way of Romans living and their enemies, his imagination brings the reader under nervous tension that makes to keep reading, to know the outcome of the events in this epic history. The characters show the human site in spite of all the horror that is always present in the wars and the suffering.

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