Homeland And Other Stories

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Homeland And Other Stories
Barbara Kingsolver
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She wears sandals and one-hundred-percent-cotton dresses and walks like she’s crossing plowed ground. She makes necklaces from the lacquered vertebrae of non-endangered species. Her hair is wavy and long and threaded with gray. She’s forty-four.
Annemarie has always believed that if life had turned out better her mother would have been an artist. As it is, Magda just has to ooze out a little bit of art in everything she does, so that no part of her life is exactly normal. She paints landscapes o
...n her tea kettles, for example, and dates younger men. Annemarie’s theory is that everyone has some big thing, the rock in their road, that has kept them from greatness or so they would like to think. Magda had Annemarie when she was sixteen and has been standing on tiptoe ever since to see over or around her difficult daughter to whatever is on the other side. Annemarie just assumed that she was the rock in her mother’s road. Until now. Now she has no idea.
On the morning Magda’s big news arrived in the mail, Annemarie handed it over to her son Leon without even reading it, thinking it was just one of her standard cards.

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Homeland And Other Stories
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