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Hold it Smile!” tray of flash powder exploded with a soft chuff, and a ball of smoke rose into the sunlit air of Cloud 9 like a party balloon. Nimrod Pennyroyal, explorer, author, and mayor, was having his photograph taken for the Brighton Morninig Palimpsest again, posing this time with Digby Slingback and Sardona Flysch, the actor and actress who played the grieving spokespeople of WOPCART in the messages Brighton was beaming into the Atlantic.
    “So, Your Worship,” the Palimpsest’s reporter
... asked while the photographer loaded a fresh plate into his camera, “can you remind our readers what gave you the idea of this expedition against the parasite-pirates?”
    “I considered it my duty,” said Pennyroyal, beaming and adjusting his chain of office, which twinkled prettily in the sun. “After all, it was I who first alerted the world to the existence of these maritime miscreants; you can read of my encounters with them in my interpolitan bestseller Predator’s Gold (Just twenty-five Brightonian dolphins at all good bookshops).

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Infernal Devices
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StoneyPunx 2 years ago

Yo, thank you for putting this book up - However, I noticed, it says 'Grike' instead of 'Shrike' :)

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