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THE GASBAG AND GONDOLA 12. THE GASBAG AND GONDOLA The inn was big and dark and busy. The walls were decorated with airships in bottles and the propellers of famous old sky-clippers with their names carefully painted on the blades, Nadhezna and Aerymouse and Invisible Worm. Aviators clustered round the metal tables, talking of cargoes and the price of gas. There were Jains and Tibetans and Xhosa, Inuit and Air-Tuareg and fur-clad giants from the Ice Wastes. An Uighur girl played “Slipstream Seren...ade” on her forty-string guitar, and now and then a loudspeaker would announce, “Arrival on strut three; the Idiot Wind fresh from the Nuevo-Mayan Palatinates with a cargo of chocolate and vanilla,” or, “Now boarding at strut seven; My Shirona outbound for Arkangel…”
    Anna Fang stopped at a little shrine just inside the door and said her thanks to the gods of the sky for a safe journey. The God of Aviators was a friendly-looking fellow—the fat red statue on the shrine reminded Tom of Chudleigh Pomeroy—but his wife, the Lady of the High Heavens, was cruel and tricky; if offended she might brew up hurricanes or burst a gas-cell.

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Mortal Engines
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User Reviews:

Guest 3 years ago

I am genuinely interested in steampunk, therefore, have got excited to watch a movie. Little did I know that it was a horrid adaptation of an excellent book. Enjoy the novel!

Guest 4 years ago

It was a great read, I love how vocabulary the author used through out the stories. :)
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dark reader 4 years ago

Its a good read, never expected myself to like these kinds of books^0^
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Guest 4 years ago

A good read, it kept me interested all the way through it. It made me invested in the characters. Starting second book of the series.

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