Kenelm Chillingly — volume 02

Cover Kenelm Chillingly — volume 02
Kenelm Chillingly — volume 02
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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Since she had lost her husband, thefield and orchard attached to the shop had ceased to be profitable, and become a great care and trouble; and the attention the shoprequired was wearisome. But she had twelve years unexpired of thelease granted for twenty-one years to her husband on low terms, andshe wanted a premium for its transfer, and a purchaser for the stockof the shop. Kenelm soon drew from her the amount of the sum sherequired for all, --L45.
"You be n't thinking of it for yourself?" sh
...e asked, putting on herspectacles, and examining him with care.
"Perhaps so, if one could get a decent living out of it. Do you keepa book of your losses and your gains?" "In course, sir, " she said proudly. "I kept the books in my goodman'stime, and he was one who could find out if there was a farthing wrong, for he had been in a lawyer's office when a lad. " "Why did he leave a lawyer's office to keep a little shop?" "Well, he was born a farmer's son in this neighbourhood, and he alwayshad a hankering after the country, and--and besides that--" "Yes.

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Kenelm Chillingly — volume 02
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