Lucretia — volume 03

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Lucretia — volume 03
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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For dayshas the pale Provencal been closeted with lawyers; but there is no hopein litigation. The proofs of the marriage, the birth, the identity, comeout clear and clearer; and the beardless schoolboy at Lyons reaps all theprofit of those nameless schemes and that mysterious death. OlivierDalibard desires the friendship, the intimacy of the heir; but the heiris consigned to the guardianship of a merchant at Lyons, near of kin tohis mother, and the guardian responds but coldly to Olivier's lett...ers. Suddenly the defeated aspirant seems reconciled to his loss. The widowBellanger has her own separate fortune, and it is large beyondexpectation. In addition to the wealth she brought the deceased, hisaffection had led him to invest vast sums in her name. The widow then isrich, --rich as the heir himself. She is still fair. Poor woman, sheneeds consolation! But, meanwhile, the nights of Olivier Dalibard aredisturbed and broken. His eye in the daytime is haggard and anxious; heis seldom seen on foot in the streets.

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Lucretia — volume 03
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