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" "Well, go on, Hughes; you are making a long story out of it. " "The rest is short 'nough. It seems he an' ol' Koleta, an' a youngCheyenne buck, had been hangin' 'round across the river from Dodge ferquite a while waitin' fer Le Fevre to pull off some sorter stunt. Maybe I did n't get just the straight o' it, but anyhow they held up apaymaster, er something like that, fer a big boodle. They expected todo it quiet like, hold the off'cer a day er so out in the desert, an'then turn him loose to h...owl. But them plans did n't just exactly work. The fellow's daughter was with him, when the pinch was made, an' theyhed to take her 'long too. Then the officer man got ugly, an' had tobe shot, an' Le Fevre quarrelled with the other white man in theoutfit, an' killed him. That left the gal on their hands, an' them allin a hell of a fix if they wus ever caught. The young Injuns wanted tokill the gal too, an' shet her mouth, but somehow Le Fevre an' Koletawould n't hear to it--said she 'd be worth more alive than dead, an'that they could hide her whar she 'd never be heard of ag'in unless herfriends put up money to buy her back.

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Molly Mcdonald
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