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More Cargoes
Jacobs William Wymark
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"You ain't as clever as you thought you was, Bill, " said the cook withthe air of a discoverer.
"And there's that pore dear boy shut up in the dark for nothing, " saidSimpson, with somewhat belated thoughtfulness. "An' cookie doing hiswork. " "I'm not going to be beat, " said Bill blackly, "the old man was badlyscared yesterday. We must have another sooicide, that's all. " "Let Tommy do it again, " suggested the cook flippantly, and they alllaughed.
"Two on one trip'll about do the old man up,
..." said Bill, regarding theinterruption unfavourably. "Now, who's going to be the next?" "We've had enough o' this game, " said Simpson, shrugging his shoulders, "you've gone cranky, Bill. " "No, I ain't, " said Bill; "I'm not going to be beat, that's all. Whoevergoes down they 'll have a nice, easy, lazy time. Sleep all day if helikes, and nothing to do. _You_ ain't been looking very well lately, Ned. " "Oh?" said the old man coldly.
"Well, settle it between you, " said Bill carelessly, "it's all one tome, which of you goes.

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More Cargoes
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