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NERVE must’ve reset the ring tone. And their message comes through without a problem. Lovely, their app provides a “speedy link,” but blocks everyone else out. I should’ve guessed.
I read the message, which is basically a status report. Our audience is bigger than most of the ones they got on the East Coast and Deep South a few hours ago, so there’ll be a premium with the next dare. All those people watching us? I look down at my chest to see if my shirt has ripped or gotten wet again. Nope, ve
...ry modest.
Ian checks his phone too. “Looks like we’re all kinds of popular.”
Popular? Huh. Who’s among our Watchers? Matthew? What does he think about little Vee now?
“Wonder what kind of prize they’ll offer next,” Ian says.
It has to be at least as tempting as the shoes and the spa day. Maybe a trip to New York? A girl can dream.
The crowd renews their chant, sending waves of warmth through me. Overhead, the neon casts a pastel glow on everyone.
Ian smiles. “You want to sit in my car while we wait for the next dare?

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User Reviews:

marj kuper 3 years ago

the book didn't pull it off.I liked the concept, but it was written more for a teenager than an adult.

Guest 4 years ago

I think it is IMMENSLY INCREDIBLE story line is TO THE POINT FANTASTIC!!! it helped me get through no nut November!

Guest 5 years ago

Books good. but the movie is way better

Ilya 5 years ago

I liked the book but liked the movie a lot better

haybug360 5 years ago

is this like the movie nerve

Guest 5 years ago

Loved this book. Quick read. I was hooked from beginning to end.

Guest 5 years ago


Guest 5 years ago

Book was pretty good, started yesterday and just finished. Hope there's a number 2, I would like to see if Tommy or Ian is working with them

Guest 5 years ago

The authour said that it would be interesting sequel but nothing official yet

Guest 6 years ago

This book is good, I am on page 2.

Guest 5 years ago

because she does

Guest 5 years ago

i am almost done best book ever
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TeddyBeasty21321 6 years ago

I dont know if this is from the actual movie nerve

Unknown Guest 5 years ago

movies goes much better than the book

naomidtk 5 years ago

how do you download?
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