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In most of the northern states the number of negroes is so small that any conclusions drawn from sta- tistics regarding them are worthless and are likely to be mis- leading.
Diagram No. 8 shows the distribution by sex of the negro wage-earners of these southern states. The total length of the bar represents in each case all the wage-earners, the white portion representing the males and the shaded portion the females.
This diagram shows that the greatest proportion
... of female wage-earuers is in the District of Colmnbia, where it is nearly one-half of all negro wage-earners, and the least in West Vir- ginia, where it is less than one-fifth of all. In most of the cotton states it ranges from one- fourth to one-third of all negro wage-earners.
Diagrams Nos. 9 and 10 present the proportion of male and of female negro wage-earners who are engaged in agri- culture, personal service, and other occupations in the southern states.
The first of these diagrams, representing male wage-earners, shows that agriculture and j)ersonal service accounted for from 63 to 94 per cent, of all male wage-earners.

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Occupations of the Negroes
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