Odes Sonnets And Other Poems

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Odes Sonnets And Other Poems
William Macdowal Tartt
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And, lo ! his fiery eye-balls roll !
Frenzy marks him for her own ; Whilst sunk in grief his noble soul Mourns each fond vision flown ; — And now dark Melancholy wastes his frame, 46 In deep despondency he sinks, And owns no more the magic of a name. Hence, then, Ambition! demon, hence!
Nor haunt my humble bow'r; For well I know thy phantoms lead To many a troubled hour !
Nymph of the ever-placid mien, With humble look, and soul serene, In fortune's adverse day ; Who calml
...y sit'st amid the storm That bursts around thy angtl form, Nor murnmr'st at its sway.
Oh ! now regardful of thy spell, While heaves my aching bosom's swell, Each grief, each pain reveal'd, Still trembling in the dangerous maze, When ills assail, be near to raise Thy strong protecting shield !
48 Full many a heart, by sorrow try'd, Has felt the balm thy hand supply'd To ease its throbbing woes — As Resignation lifts on high, Not vainly so, the trusting eye, And soothes them to repose.
Yet ah !

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Odes Sonnets And Other Poems
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