Pelham — volume 04

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Pelham — volume 04
Lytton Edward Bulwer Lytton Baron
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"Take away this--this--d--d woman, " hiccuped out Staunton, "She has sto--len--(hiccup)--my watch"--(hiccup. ) "No such thing, watchman, " hallooed out the accused, "the b--counter-skipper never had any watch! he only filched a twopenny-halfpenny giltchain out of his master, Levi, the pawnbroker's window, and stuck it inhis eel-skin to make a show: ye did, ye pitiful, lanky-chopped son of adog-fish, ye did. " "Come, come, " said the watchman, "move on, move on. " "You be d--d, for a Charley!" s
...aid one of our gang.
"Ho! ho! master jackanapes, I shall give you a cooling in the watch-house, if you tips us any of your jaw. I dare say the young oman here, isquite right about ye, and ye never had any watch at all, at all. " "You are a d--d liar, " cried Staunton; "and you are all in with eachother, like a pack of rogues as you are. " "I'll tell ye what, young gemman, " said another watchman, who was a morepotent, grave, and reverend senior than his comrades, "if you do not moveon instantly, and let those decent young omen alone, I'll take you all upbefore Sir Richard.

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Pelham — volume 04
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