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. . And poets too . .
Dream in the dust of Hecatompylos.
59 GHOSTLY LOVES 'Oh why, ' my darling prayeth me, * must you sing For ever of ghostly loves, phantasmal passion ? Seeing that you never loved me after that fashion And the love I gave was not a phantom thing, But delight of eager lips and strong arms folding The beauty of yielding arms and of smooth shoulder, All fluent grace of which you were the moulder: And I. ... Oh, I was happy for your holding/ 'Ah, do you not know, my dearest, hav
...e you not seen The shadow that broodeth over things that perish : How age may mock sweet moments that have been And death defile the beauty that we cherish ? Wherefore, sweet spirit, I thank thee for thy giving : 'Tis my spirit that embraceth thee dead or living. ' 60 FEBRUARY The robin on my lawn, He was the first to tell How, in the frozen dawn, This miracle befell, Waking the meadows white With hoar, the iron road Agleam with splintered light, And ice where water flowed : Till, when the low sun drank Those milky mists that cloak Hanger and hollied bank, The winter world awoke To hear the feeble bleat Of lambs on downland farms : A blackbird whistled sweet; Old beeches moved their arms Into a mellow haze Aerial, newly-born: And I, alone, agaze, Stood waiting for the thorn To break in blossom white Or burst in a green flame.

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Poems 1916 1918
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