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I got my belt on and shoved my gun in his side. A quick look around confirmed that Lucy had got in the back. I looked at him, and said �Now, drive�.
    He didn't respond at first, so I pointed the gun at his left foot and fired, Lucy screamed, but it did the trick, he looked at the gun and then at me and then drove off.
    As he drove, I said, �Drive us back to where you had us before, if you don't you'll join your mate back there?� I nudged my handgun in the direction of the body lying in th
...e gutter behind us.
    He turned and looked at me, and said, �You won't get away with this you know. The police will be all over that body before we even get out of Mayfair. They'll have every road shut before you and the little whore back there, can say boo.� �Then they'll be digging two graves cunt,� I said.
    He looked straight ahead again and drove.
29 As we road through London I looked around at Lucy, she smiled back, but I could tell it was an empty smile, her eyes were sunken and her face looked pale and drawn.

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Scavenger Hunt
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Guest 2 years ago

What rubbish. It's hard to believe that this was published. Poorly written, typos, spelling mistakes, corny dialogue lurching all over the place...pah!

Guest 5 years ago

This book is very very good

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