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That's when Carlotta realized Ender must have gone inside the chamber that the rabs had come out of.
"It's a breeding chamber. They were protecting their young." "Any queens?" asked Sergeant.
"More like seals -- mothers and their pups gathered around them. Huge room. I think it's the control center," said Ender. "All the cabling is routed through there. Ductwork everywhere, ducts filled with cables and wires, lots of maintenance doors on everything." "Let's go before they wake up," said Sergean
...t. "I think this might still be the level of the helm or helms. If all the controls are routed through the hub, they must be coming from somewhere and leading to somewhere. Might be on this level." But it wasn't. It was on the next level aft, which they reached an hour later. They also learned that the recovery time from the sedative mix was longer than that hour, because no rabs woke up. For all they knew, the fog was lethal and they'd never wake up.
Carlotta knew the door of a helm room when she saw it.

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Shadows in Flight
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Musical Armageddon 4 years ago

heh i thought this was going to be a full length novel so i finished this in one sitting (4/5, nothing is perfect)

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