The Day Time Stopped Moving

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The Day Time Stopped Moving
Buckner Bradner
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"We are somewhere partway across the spacebetween present and past. We are living in an instant that can moveneither forward nor back. You and I, Dave, and Major--and the Lord knowshow many others the world over--have been thrust by my time impulsoronto a timeless beach of eternity. We have been caught in time'sbackwash. Castaways, you might say. " An objection clamored for attention in Miller's mind.
"But if this is so, where are the rest of them? Where is my wife?" "They are right here, " Eri
...ckson explained. "No doubt you could see yourwife if you could find her. But we see them as statues, because, for us, time no longer exists. But there was something I did not count on. I didnot know that it would be possible to live in one small instant of time, as we are doing. And I did not know that only those who are hoveringbetween life and death can deviate from the normal process of time!" "You mean--we're dead!" Miller's voice was a bitter monotone.
"Obviously not. We're talking and moving, aren't we?

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The Day Time Stopped Moving
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