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. . . " The words came out in jerks, with a sobbing struggle for breath between. Her head was bent so low that she did not see him rise and come round toher side; a startled shiver passed through her, as he knelt down and puthis arm round her shoulders, drawing her to him until her cheek restedagainst his.
"Babs, dear! Darling Babs!" he whispered. "Don't----" "Ah, don't tell me not to cry, Eric! I've kept it down, I _have_ beenbrave, but it's sending me mad!" She was sliding limply off the chai
...r, as though her bones had beenbroken in company with her pride and resistance. He led her to a sofaand knelt beside her, sometimes gently chafing her hands, sometimesdrying the slow tears which rolled down her cheeks. Once or twice shetried to speak, but he hushed her to silence.
"Darling, you must stop now, " he commanded as the tears ceased and shebegan to sob drily. "When I said 'Don't----, ' I was going to say 'Don'tstop crying, don't mind me; it will do you good. ' But you'll makeyourself ill, if you go on.

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The Education of Eric Lane
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