The Fiend's Delight

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The Fiend's Delight
Bierce Ambrose
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. A young correspondent, who has lately read a great deal in theEnglish papers about "baby-farming, " wishes to know what that maybe. It is a new method of agriculture, in which the young of ourspecies are used for manure.
The babies are collected each day and put into large vats containingequal parts of hydrobicarbonate of oxygenated sulphide, andoxygenated sulphide of hydrobicarbonate, where they are left to soakovernight. In the morning they are carefully macerated in a mortarand are then po
...ured into shallow copper pans, where they remainuntil all the liquid portions have been evaporated by the sun. Theresiduum is then scraped out, and after the addition of a certainproportion of quicklime the whole is thrown away. Ordinary bone dustand charcoal are then used for manure, and the baby farmers seldomfail of getting a good crop of whatever they plant, provided theystick the seeds in right end up.
It will be seen that the result depends more upon thehydrobicarbonate than upon the infants; there isn't much virtue inbabies.

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The Fiend's Delight
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