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The Mine volume 09
Charles Howard Shinn
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The bodies of several goats helped to break his fall, and after some hours his neighbours tracked him to the place and rescued him. The en gineer of a Silver City mill was once found bruised and insensible lying in a shaft in Virginia City, where he had remained for three days. There is another story about a teamster who unhitched eight yoke of oxen, leaving them connected together by the long log-chain and let them browse around while he cooked his din ner. Pretty soon he saw them bunch and dis appear in a three-hundred-foot shaft which had been covered with a little brush, hardly enough to hold up a good-sized dog.
Speculation was of course universal. While hun dreds of claims of every description, located immediate ly after the first silver discoveries, were still buried under the snow, the owners were pleased to claim and the public to believe that each one of them was as valu able as the Ophir. These " wild-cats, " as they were afterward called, were bought and sold with increasing energy for months.

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The Mine volume 09
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