The Rubiyt of Hfiz

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The Rubiyt of Hfiz
14th Cent Hafiz
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When, however, in the second generation and afterwards worldly tastes be- came widely spread, and men no longer shrank from contamination, those who made piety their aim were singled out by the title of Sufi or Motasawwdf, '^ To attain to the sufiistic ends certain practices have been prescribed. They consist of four stages, and until the last stage is passed the *' emancipated soul " cannot mix with the "glorious essence, " nor can it cast off the ** cor- poreal veil. " They are : 1. Shariyat ...— which consists in strict ob- servance of the teachings of Islam.
2. TarikaL This means the following of 30 INTRODUCTION a spiritual guide who teaches the "hidden practices. " 3. MdrefaL — This stage is reached when the real nature of the teachings of Moham- mad is grasped, leading to the effacement in Mohammad. And, 4. Hakikat, — This is the last stage, and consists in recognition of the divine essence and merging thereunto.
There are various orders of Sufis. There were two original orders, viz.

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The Rubiyt of Hfiz
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