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The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Cover The Story of Abraham Lincoln
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I say that no man is good enough to govern another man without that man's consent. Slavery is founded upon the selfishness of man's nature ; opposition to it, on his love of justice. " CHAPTER V DEFEAT OF THE LITTLE GIANT TINCOLN had worked very hard in Illi- *-' nois. All this year he was making speeches ; educating the people of the State ; helping them to understand the big questions before them ; making things clear ^in his own mind by putting them into the 'clear and simple words that woul...d carry their importance to the minds of others.
A great meeting was held, summoned by the editors of the newspapers that were against the Kansas Bill ; they invited pro- minent men from different parts of the country to come and address them.
Lincoln was among those who went, and his speech was by far the most important of all that were delivered there. He had not, 'indeed, intended to say anything; but he was roused by the weakness of those who did address the meeting. Springing to his feet, he poured out what was in his 57 58 ABRAHAM LINCOLN mind, and could not be kept back, in such burning and eloquent words that the reporters dropped their pencils and listened spellbound.

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The Story of Abraham Lincoln
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