Through China With a Camera

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Through China With a Camera
John Thomson
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Meanwhile La-lait, who had been sleeping on a sort of counter, woke up, recognised my friend, and agreed to trade. Strange to relate, in grateful remembrance of his former acquaintance with the Doctor, he supplied us with a dozen eggs and a brown jar, and then positively refused to accept payment. He also showed us raw- camphor, skins, horns, boars' tusks, ratan and other wares, which he had obtained from a party of savages who had come down from their hunting-grounds to Lakoli the day before. ...In return for these goods he had supplied them with beads, turkey-red cloth, knives, and gunpowder.
Our armed guide slept on a mat in the hut beside us, while Ahong, my servant, and I were engaged till about 2 a. M. Boiling down my bath in the Chinese pot. It was a tedious job. First Ahong slept as we sat before the fire ; then I slept ; then we both slept, and the fire went low and had to be tended. I complained Mi. II I IIWK ' >l I \K' >l I k I \ 1. 1;, I i 'KM' ■- \ LEAVING FORMOSA 125 of my boy's sleeping, and immediately dozed off myself, and so on until the whole liquid was evaporated.

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Through China With a Camera
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