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LINDA: And you got one more payment on the refrigerator...
    WILLY: But it just broke again!
    LINDA: Well, it�s old, dear.
    WILLY: I told you we should�ve bought a well-advertised machine. Charley bought a General Electric and it�s twenty years old and it�s still good, that son-of-a-bitch.
    LINDA: But, Willy...
    WILLY: Whoever heard of a Hastings refrigerator? Once in my life I would like to own something outright before it�s broken! I�m always in a race with the junkyard! I just
...finished paying for the car and it�s on its last legs. The refrigerator consumes belts like a goddam maniac. They time those things. They time them so when you finally paid for them, they�re used up.
    LINDA (buttoning up his jacket as he unbuttons it): All told, about two hundred dollars would carry us, dear. But that includes the last payment on the mortgage.

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Death of a Salesman
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Guest 5 years ago

It is garbage complete and utter shit!

Guest 4 years ago

One of the perfect of what I ever read

Guest 6 years ago

The discreption throughly in the first act means many suggestions.
Realy very good from the first line. Excellent because free.

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