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Especially was he a contrast to the elderly sententious Roland as to matters of personal appear- ance. The Minister of the Interior dressed care- lessly, paying no regard whatever to his outward 62 FRENCH VIGNETTES man, thereby offending Marat and Camille Des- moulins. The former sneered at his well-worn coat and woollen stockings, whilst the other (Le Vieux Cordelier, 10 Nivose An. N) wrote of his out-at-elbow condition, with the taunt that indigence and liberty are not necessarily allied.
... first of Madame Roland's portraits written in prison, as we might expect, is Buzot's, it is also the most minute and the most carefully finished. We feel a woman's passion burning in every line. After dilating on his elevation of character, indomi- table courage, patriotic ardour and domestic virtues, she writes — " Mildness itself to his friends, Buzot is the redoubtable adversary of the unprincipled. Still in the flower of his youth, a ripe judgment £nd an irre- proachable life have won for hjm the esteem and confidence of his fellows.

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