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They staggered our release times so we didn’t have to leave together, and thank goodness for that.
As I turned the corner at the top of the stairs, I saw a guard coming toward me. Aspen. Even though he was bigger after being bulked up from training, I knew his walk and his shadow and a thousand other things that were ingrained in my heart.
As he approached, he stopped to give me an unnecessary bow.
“Jar,” he whispered, and rose again, continuing on his path.
I stood there for a split second, con
...fused, and then realized what he meant. Fighting the urge to run, I moved down the hall eagerly.
I opened the door and was both surprised and relieved to find that all three of my maids were out.
I went over to the jar on my bedside table and found that the one little penny in there had company. I opened the lid and pulled out the folded sheet of paper. How clever of him. My maids probably wouldn’t have noticed it; and if they had, they never would have intruded on my privacy.
I unfolded the note and read a very clear list of instructions.

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Reflected in You
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