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I’m not certain how I knew. But I did.
After straightening my clothes somewhat and indulging myself in a few moments of giddy happiness as I looked in the mirror, and flexed my marvelous fingers and toes, I went out to make certain that the two men were not on board. James I did not hope to And. But David. What had happened to David after firing that gun?
Surely three bullets would have killed James! And of course all this had happened in my cabin—indeed I found my passport with the name of Jaso
...n Hamilton securely in my pocket—and so I proceeded to the Signal Deck with the greatest of care.
The cabin stewards were rushing to and fro, delivering evening cocktails, and straightening the rooms of those who had already ventured out for the night. I used my utmost skill to move swiftly along the passage and into the Queen Victoria Suite without being seen.
The suite had obviously been put in order. The black lacquered locker which James had used as his coffin was closed, with the cloth smoothed over the lid.

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The Tale of the Body Thief
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