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I said.
She took a deep breath.
“Do you want to lead these creatures to your beloved Monsieur Roget?” she asked.
That was too dreadful to contemplate.
The first few drops of rain were falling and I felt cold in spite of the blood. In a moment it would be raining hard.
“All right,” I said. “Nothing can be done until this is finished!” I said. I mounted the horse and reached for her hand.
“Injury only spurs you on, doesn’t it?” she asked. She was studying me. “It would only strengthen you, whatev they did or tried to do.”
“Now this is what I call mortal nonsense!” I said. “Come on!”
“Lestat,” she said soberly. “They put your stable boy in a gentleman’s frock coat after they killed him. Did you see the coat? Hadn’t you seen it before?”
That damned red velvet coat . . .
“I have seen it,” she said. “I had looked at it for hours at my bedside in Paris. It was Nicolas de Lenfent’s coat.”
I looked at her for a long moment. But I don’t think I saw her at all.

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The Vampire Lestat
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