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He hit it, arms outstretched, like a bird who seeks to fly through glass, and shook the frame. I was utterly out of my mind. I went round and round the room looking for some way to kill him. I pictured his body burned to a crisp on the roof below. Reason had altogether left me, so that I was consummate rage, and when he came through the broken glass, we fought as we’d never fought before. It was hell that stopped me, the thought of hell, of us being two souls in hell that grappled in hatred. I ...lost my confidence, my purpose, my grip. I was down on the floor then, and he was standing over me, his eyes cold, though his chest heaved. ‘You’re a fool, Louis,’ he said. His voice was calm. It was so calm it brought me around. ‘The sun’s coming up,’ he said, his chest heaving slightly from the struggle, his eyes narrow as he looked at the window. I’d never seen him quite like this. The fight had got the better of him in some way; or something had. ‘Get in your coffin,’ he said to me, without even the slightest anger.

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Interview With the Vampire
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Guest 9 months ago

You all are so young. Do not put Ann Rice in with the Divergent series, Ann Rice is a league of her own.

Guest 2 years ago

Bruh, this book is amazing. I've only read some of it, but I already love it! I wonder if something's gonna happen between Louis and Lestat-

Guest 4 years ago

The best of the original trilogy. Such a good story.The leads are men but it’s the girl who you remember.

fairygothfather 4 years ago

I love this book so much.

Guest 5 years ago

i like this book very much i love Claudia

Guest 5 years ago

Wtf u people talking about divergent series here for? This is as far from it as.possible... maze runner and hunger games r similar to divergebt, not the Vampire Chronicles... totally different world here

panda6115 6 years ago

i loved the divergent series i hope i love this series to

Guest 5 years ago

i love divergent so much because and i'm super fan it

Guest 6 years ago

yes iv'e read divergent I love these books I wish I was a vampire from Hadiyha Atkinson s.c bennetsville

Guest 5 years ago

Divergent is the best. Try The hunger games or twilight or vampire academy

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